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We Are Gonna Release New Album at The Ark TUE OCT 28TH!!

Dear friends, October Babies are thrilled to finally release our new album "Untangle" at our premiere performance at The Ark - Ann Arbor! Oct 28, 8pm. This record, our fourth, is mainly an acoustic album (though electronically and surrealistically babified), and this performance will feature some very talented guest musicians on koto, accordion, taiko, and more. Also, we have been making some animations for the show! It'll be super-fun! Still need enticement? It's also it's our annual Triple Birthday Bash. Erik and Toko and October Babies band were all born in --- October! So for the joy of your inner baby, please come out and celebrate with us! Bring a fellow creature and help us fill the Ark! And, FREE admission! Yay! see ya!

P.S. Photos from our rehearsal!!



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